UI/UX Training

The Knowledge Academy is Globally Recognised as the Market Leader in delivering the UI/UX Masterclass to organisations and professionals. Our 'User Interface (UI) Expert Team' comprises over 26 leading professionals with more than 15 years of experience and skills for delivering effective and compelling screen-based experiences for websites or apps. Our specialised instructors have developed unique teaching methods to assist aspiring candidates in mastering the skills to use best practices to design appealing websites and apps interface for driving business success.

Get trained in significant designing techniques through this Advanced Certification in UI UX Design. The course is developed and mentored by the E&ICT, IIT, Guwahati. Learn from top industry practitioners to master interaction designs, design thinking, wireframing, guerrilla testing, and other advanced design concepts. The course will ensure a rewarding UI/UX design career.

UX Designer

A UX Designer works on the information architecture of a digital product, creates prototypes, and other design processes to ensure that the products are designed with the user in mind.

Visual Designer

Visual Designers focus on the aesthetics of a website, web app, or other digital designs that can enhance user experience.

UI Designer

They focus on visual and interactive design like buttons, color palette, animation, etc. ensuring cohesive branding from design aspect.

UX Researcher

UX Researchers study target users in a systematic manner to collect and analyze data that will help with the product design process.

Product Designer

These professionals are responsible for the user experience of a product, typically, directed towards business goals and objectives from a product management perspective.

UX Manager

They are in charge of the junior and mid-level members of the UX team and ensuring that all requirements are met.