Business Hosting

Business hosting services vary from trades to trades as per the necessity and requirement of various companies. We are providing different types of web hosting plans to make them available for you with the superlative i.e. as per your requirement of today and tomorrow.

Spark Infosys is a high quality Web Hosting Company in Hyderabad, India that enables Web Hosting Services for Windows as well as Linux. The initial step for a website is domain registration and after the domain is registered, it has to be hosted on a hosting server to display your site online. We, as a Web Hosting Company in India endeavour on providing premier quality Web Hosting Services to our clients at viable and also affordable prices.

You need expert technical support

There will always be times when website owners, even ones with their own dedicated IT departments, come across issues they cannot resolve on their own. When this happens, you need a web host with the expertise to provide the right solution.

24-hour support

Besides expertise, you also want your web host's customer support to be available 24 hours a day. As your online business operates 24/7, you can't afford to wait until the next morning if your website goes down or your email system stops working. Every minute you're offline could cost you a sale or create a dissatisfied customer. A good web host should provide constant, high-level support whenever you need it.


Backups are an essential part of any disaster recovery operation and it is crucial that your host provides the facility for you to schedule backups of all your data. This includes making sure that your backups are stored remotely on different servers to the ones on which your site is hosted.

Reduced downtime

A proper IT infrastructure is essential for any business. Infrastructure is like a domino. If your infrastructure gets a hit, then the impact would be really worse. 24/7 IT Service provider ensures to design your IT infrastructure that would increase employee productivity focusing mainly on minimizing the IT downtime.

Multiple communication mediums

The main aim of providing 24/7 IT support is to offer customers, partners an easy way to communicate the IT support team on reporting the on-going issues and to troubleshoot them. There should be different communication mediums like Telephone, Email, Web Chat and a Ticketing Portal etc.

Web host backups

In addition to being able to backup your own data, you also want to know that your web host is backing up their servers too. If one of the servers goes down you need to know that they have their own backup (and backup backups) available and that they have tested the backup to make sure it works. This way you know that all the software the host needs to run the server, as well as all the data stored on it, can be put back online quickly.

Guaranteed uptime

The shift to cloud technology is making it far less likely that websites will go offline should there be a server fault, however, for those who are have not chosen cloud hosting, a server going down can be a big problem. To ensure guaranteed uptime, you should look for a host that has mirrored servers running at different locations so that if one goes down, the others will continue to maintain a service. This way, your site can always remain online.

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