JavaScript development

JavaScript’s rich ecosystem is used to create interactive web pages that run on every web browser, operating system, platform and connected device, positioning JS along HTML and CSS as an essential web technology. Originally developed by Netscape in the early years of the Internet, JS now includes the open source libraries Angular (developed by Google) and React (developed by Facebook), among others.

With expert JavaScript developer on board, we provide all JavaScript development services to match your business needs. JavaScript popularly known as JS, is a high-level, Scalable and reliable language.

JavaScript is nowadays well known technology for front-end along with CSS and HTML. With the use of JavaScript, we can create interactive web pages and so why many of popular websites are migrating them self to JavaScript. Being one of the top-rated JavaScript development companies, we have expertise in developing a JS development solution to meet your business requirements.

Front-end development

As it was mentioned before, JavaScript with HTML and CSS are the basics technologies used in creating front-end for web apps and web sites process. We use it to create clear, friendly looking and light graphic interfaces, which works flawlessly and stably. End-user’s satisfaction is the overriding value to us, so we stand up on neat and well written code as well as eye-friendly design.

Cross-platform web application

We create universal web applications, running on different browsers, operations systems and devices. You can be sure that regardless of all the circumstances all the users will be working with exactly the same problem-free and good-looking application. That’s the half of the victory.

Custom Calendar & Event Scheduling

Do you need handy calendar on your website or managing unit inside your application? JavaScript are suitable for that job. Our calendars are clear, easy, usable and user-friendly. You can present your events to the users in attractive way and also give them opportunity to create their own records. All this in order to better organize your time and effectively manage the time of the company’s employees. Planning resources is one of the keys to success. So… when do we meet?

CRM & ERP Systems

Leading even small business without managing and optimizing running inside processes reminds roller-coaster ride. We provide to our clients comfortably and functional CRM and ERP systems. Thanks to the first one, you can offer higher quality of service to your clients, monitor the results of marketing operations you have undertaken as well as gain new clients through the automating sale process. ERP system enable data monitoring, optimizing production costs and also helps in taking strategic decisions. In a nutshell, both of them are irreplaceable.