GDPR Training

The GDPR mandates include provisions on staff accountability and demonstrating compliance. Our standard and customised training provide specific regulations to ensure accountability, maintaining data quality principles and implementing appropriate measures to protect data.

The GDPR Institute online staff awareness E-learning is a quick, affordable and efficient means of delivering the mandatory training on the critical requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), customised to multiple staff members and managers. The GDPR Staff training and awareness and E-learning tool is a simple-to-use flexible web-based program to familiarise all employees to the critical compliance components, and to the management obligation for GDPR compliance.

Procedures and operations comply with the role and responsibilities

The organisation is GDPR-compliant only when the staff has been to a GDPR staff awareness e-learning course. The GDPR Staff Awareness E-learning tool is tailored to outline the Data Privacy priorities, processes and activities which will lead the participant to make more efficient decisions about GDPR Compliance in the daily and routine procedures and operations comply with the role and responsibilities of the staff member or manager. After taking The GDPR Staff Awareness and E-learning seminars and courses, the participant should also be able to make and provide sound business judgement and perception and insight for your benefit of the business and organisation.

Rethink business perceptions and reshape priorities

The course will seek to remove the misinformation and misconceptions of the various GDPR components with examples and case studies. We further aim to create the right GDPR focus on new, different and topical IT, data and cybersecurity issues. These activities will transform the particular mindset to data discipline, data protection and data privacy to rethink the business perceptions and reshape priorities about IT platforms, business, technology and new corporate compliance trends. All of the above components will help create staff discipline, corporate value and enhance the trust and integrity components of corporate culture. A vital component of the GDPR implementation & compliance is the performance of the to staff awareness, training and education. To avoid the significant non-compliance fines, it is essential that your staff have a clear understanding of the compliance requirements.

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