Privacy Program Management (CIPM)

The IAPP accredited CIPM credentials demonstrate that you’re a leader in privacy program administration and you are equipped with the knowledge to establish, maintain and manage a privacy program lifecycle.

As an Official Training Partner, Wenso provides access to accredited IAPP Privacy Training across the Globe. These certifications comply with the standard and developed to meet stringent requirements. Those who possess the IAPP credentials have the required skills and knowledge to do the job better.

CIPM Overview

Privacy Programme Management is the how-to training on implementing a privacy program framework, managing the privacy program operational lifecycle and structuring a knowledgeable, high-performing privacy team. Those taking this course will learn the skills to manage privacy in an organization through process and technology—regardless of jurisdiction or industry. The Privacy Program Management training is based on the body of knowledge for the IAPP’s ANSI-accredited Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) certification program.

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