BCS Foundation

BCS Foundation certificate in Data Protection Course will help you gain a practical understanding of EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the UK Data Protection Act 2018. The BCS Foundation Certificate in Data Protection is designed for those who wish to acquire a sound grounding in the key elements of the law and its practical application.

The BCS accredited Foundation Certificate is designed for those who wish to acquire a sound knowledge in key elements of Data Protection and it's practical application.

Specific permission

Unless or until you give permission to an app or website to use your details in a specific way, they can’t use it for any other purpose or sell it to third parties.

Privacy by design

According to this feature when you sign up for a service, you should not be asked for data that is not directly needed or relevant for the purposes of using that app or service.

Data portability

Here you get the right to ask for any data that a company has about you in a readable format so that you can reuse it.

Right to be forgotten

By giving someone your data does not mean they have the right to keep it forever, Under the GDPR you have a right to be forgotten and will be able to ask companies or platforms to delete your data.However the two exceptions are: a) It will not apply to information that there is a legal requirement to keep, such as medical records and; b) it is also a personal right to forget, distinct from the third party Right to be Forgotten, where individuals can request that outdated or undesirable information about them be removed from search engines.

Definitive consent (CTM)

There has to be a clear and affirmative consent before private data is processed. When the legislation was announced, the Parliament had clearly said that “silence, pre-ticked boxes or inactivity will thus not constitute consent. In future, it should also be as easy for a person to withdraw consent as to give it.”

Information in clear readable language

It is the right of the individuals to get and read the information clearly. So, the new rules will put an end to “small print” privacy policies and that information should be given in clear and plain language before any data is collected.